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Ketamine (ketamine hydrochloride) has been approved for general anesthesia either alone or in combination with other medications. It is a superb drug for use in short-term medical procedures that do not require skeletal muscle relaxation, and it has approval for the induction of general anesthesia as a pre-anesthetic to other general anesthetic agents.

This activity covers ketamine, including mechanism of action, pharmacology, adverse event profiles, eligible patient populations, contraindications, monitoring, and highlights the role of the interprofessional team in the management of ketamine anesthesia. Buy Ketamine Online.

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The drug is a form of ketamine, a generic drug that’s been used as a form of anesthesia for many years, Ketamine has also been used for years in smaller doses in IV form for patients with treatment-resistant depression. — you may have heard it called Special K). Because of that, and because it can create feelings of dissociation and hallucination in people who take it, the new esketamine nasal spray will only be administered in a doctor’s office or hospital setting. One potential benefit of the new drug is that it’s fast-acting. People may notice a relief in symptoms within just a few hours, and it could last for several days,

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